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I give them my real testimony, and do it only because I am impressed
Truly freedom and ease with which you can work, on BANAHOSTING CPANEL

Previously, he worked with GODADDY and the truth is great, but it is very limited, when my web traffic increase, the servers were closed, leaving my site out of service, and justified the action as though my website has been a computer attack.

Believe me, eh tested many free HOSTING and payment, from miarroba, up to ekiwi, hostinger, nixiweb, GODADDY, hostgator.

It is logical that the HOSTING of payment are much better, but they are not what they seem
For example, GODADDY, was not able to withstand my 10 thousand visits per day traffic, I arrived daily emails telling me that I am exceeding the limits and I have to buy a package of higher level. It is to say that they wanted to charge more.BESIDES THAT YOUR CPANEL, I.E. THE ADMINISTRATOR, WAS THE WORST. (use 2 cpanel on windows and linux, you can only choose one, there is no way to change cPanel, in case they are in that situation to choose Linux, windows is horrible)

The packages are as follows:

THOSE PRICES ARE A SCAM, EACH PACK HAS 3 LEVELS. She is to say that if you bought the package DELUXE, you bought it at level 1 and all tested eh, they are very limited, they charge you an additional approx $5 more each month, to make it level 2, and another 5 or $10 extra to reach level 3.
now the migration of packages, i.e. from DELUXE to ULTIMATE, can be performed by additional $20, also if did it in few days after aver used the DELUXE, there is no refund.

In initially accepts, and buy one further package to have more capacity (i.e. tier 2), and then a few days, there was the same problem, GODADDY reported me to reach the limits and you should buy a package with more capacity (i.e. level 3), up to the point of wanting to charge me $300 for a VPS, said that it was the only way of supporting my traffic , and of disagree would lower my service.

Imagine paying that price for a VPS, which is not necessary

Do you realize that? and if you ask me what happened, because they gave low all my domains and HOSTING. Luckily, reading forums, entontre to a type he claimed to earn $ 500 per month, investigate their websites, and housed them in BANAHOST, to call my told me that they had around 120 web pages, the told me I used BANAHOSTING, and that all their websites were hosted on a same HOSTING, that supported their traffic of 100 thousand visits.

With that I decided to migrate all my web, and di low all GoDaddy. Which didn't have any refund.

In the migration process, notice something very interesting, is that GODADDY responds the attention in 1 or 2 days ticket, but amazing mind BANAHOSTING responsive tickets in less than 30 minutes, most of time I responded to 5 min. 24 x 7 x 365 support.
Attention is the best.

Another comparison. It is that godaddy defends their customers that pay the most, is that if someone pays more, it is the most valuable customer. It is to say that there are preferences, so you will always put aside. That is not the case in BANAHOSTING.

In my personal opinion, BANAHOSTING is the best HOSTING, with truly unlimited package, no extra or hidden cost.

By the experience I had with GODADDY, I decided to stay my websites at 2 HOSTING, what I did was divide my WEBS, in BANAHOSTING, buy a HOSTING of 9 $ in USA - and buy other HOSTING of 6 $ located in EUR.
SO, whatever happens, they will not all my websites, they fall only half.

Never happened to me, but it is good to prevent, in addition to 9$ + 6$, is neither much nor little.
I get almost 2 years with BANAHOSTING, and I received a service of quality, 100%
The best support, in English and Spanish (GODADDY only gives support in English, also that if you have problems the only way is to call the station, and all speak English, only spend time and money calling)


Here is the link for registration:


Mission is to provide a responsible Web Hosting, domains and management plans to reseller with the most competitive prices of the market. As a first step to fulfilling that mission, we have a team of professionals to manage our servers and have operators to solve all your questions pre-sales or support.

Also if you need support with the registry, or if you have questions on how to migrate your domains, or how to buy domains, I can answer your questions for $5
locate me on FIVERR.COM