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jueves, 7 de marzo de 2013

Riptide GP Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

Riptide GP is the first ever console-quality water racing game for mobile, featuring super-realistic water physics, real-time reflections (dual core or higher), and gorgeous high-detail vehicles and environments.Rev up your supercharged jet ski and take a wild ride through twisting canals and rivers, futuristic cityscapes, and mysterious research facilities. Skill, stunts, and speed will be your best allies as you grab massive air off huge waves, kick out death-defying tricks, and boost your jet ski to victory across a dynamic, ever-changing torrent of foam and spray.

• Explore 12 futuristic water raceways
• Grab massive air and perform dramatic stunts to earn boost
• Unlock and master 7 screaming fast jet skis -- including the new Photon!
• 3 game modes: Race, Hot Lap, and Championship
• MOGA Enhanced! MOGA controller is available at major US retailers and online at
• Optimized for Xperia PLAY
• Bluetooth and USB gamepad support
• Earn Achievements, post to Leaderboards, and race against your Friends' best split times with integrated OpenFeint™ support
• Easy and fun to pick up and play – delightfully challenging to master
• Enhanced for quad-core devices! Extra-detailed waves, realistic water splashes on the camera, and a dramatic motion blur effect when boosting.

My game patched on 12/29/12 and one of the changes gave the game the ability to "read phone status and identity". This is a jet-ski game, why does it need information about my phone and phone calls? Uninstalled.
I think this the closest to console quality game available with depth of game play, good graphics and great sounds.. Especially if you are racing game fan. Reminds me of wave race, wipeout and fzero.
So far the best game I have played on my Nexus 7. A must have for every Tegra 3 device. The price is ridiculously low for what you get. My actual rating is 4.5. I would like to see a minimap on the top of the screen. Also the ability to change the camera view is a must-have. Other than that a great game without a second of lag and excellent graphics!
Overall great with amazing graphics, but screen keeps going blank/grey. Seems to be same spots on track too. If I miss the jump at end of first track for example. Have to quit or restart game. Hope this can be fixed in update.
Superb graphics and play environments, did I say amazing graphics? Outstanding work done on this game, kudos to the developers, would love to see more levels and jetskis if possible! Get this game, you won't be disappointed!
This is an absolute great game I can't put it down . But I believe it needs a bit more features. First , the HUD should include a map and maybe a speedometer. Second, can you try to add multiplayer action like circuit and last to finish lap disqualified? Other than that great job developers !
No user settings, can't even turn off the music or turn off the auto accelerate - I want to manually control the throttle and turn off the annoying music. If you like a game that does not have any user defined options then this is for you but if you want even basic control then pass on this.
Oh yes, this is one of the very best of what defines Tegra being the best mobile gaming graphics processing unit on the market. Every element of the game compliments Tegra nonstop! The game is easy to catch onto and it can get addicting and I really enjoy playing it a lot in my spare time! Graphics, gameplay, and overall, 95‰ score.

Sonic Jump Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

The original platform jumper is back as Sonic leaps up an all new vertically challenging adventure in stunning HD graphics!
Play as Sonic or his friends leaping through familiar and new Sonic worlds to battle Dr. Eggman, as you tilt and tap your way through fixed Story levels and Arcade infinite modes.
Play as your favourite characters including Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, each with their own unique abilities.
Jump across the legendary Green Hill Zone or take to new worlds including Mountain & Jungle Zones.
Leap through 48 different levels on a quest to stop the evil Dr. Eggman.
Jump until you drop in the infinite Arcade Mode, where where it ends depends on how long you can jump for.
Fight in epic boss battles between Sonic and his arch-rival Dr. Eggman!
Compete against friends to see who can jump highest in Arcade Mode or set epic scores in leaderboards.
Collect rings as you play the game, or purchase them in store, to unlock characters, power ups and more.

I got this game for my 6 yr old but I play it more than he does! Really fun, great missions and powerups. Definitely worth the price.
Some people think this is inspired by doodle jump when this is actually a remake of another Sonic jump before smart phones were even prominent. This game provides a great challenge in pure sonic style!
Force closes sometimes but plays smoothly for Droid 3. Game is fun. Strange going from horizontal to vertical but it works. Kinda felt like the in game purchases were weird but I guess if you want to spend the money it would be worth it. Overall decent game. Good job Sega and the developers.
After paying they still push you to buy stuff in game. Yeah, it's YOUR choice to, but it's just irritating to have it shoved down your throat. The game is wonderful; first non-derpy Sonic game in years.
The graphics are tight and the sound is polished, but the tilt-to-pay mechanics in any game make me feel like I'm biding my time until the end, rather than becoming a perfectionist.
Successfully made a jumping game in the Sonic universe. Would have liked the classic level complete and death music and cash register sound when tallying points, but otherwise the music is really good, reminds me of a combination of the Genesis soundtracks and the Sonic Advance one. Feels like Sonic, and I turn to this when I get frustrated with the on-screen controls in the hardcore side-scroller games.

Granny Smith Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

Granny Smith loves her apples, but a bewheeled thief is stealing from her precious garden! Help Mrs. Smith as she swiftly skates through farmland and cityscapes, crashing through everything from barns to offices in the pursuit of fruit. Get to the apples before the thief does!
Granny Smith is a fast-paced racing platformer filled with spectacular crashes and amazing stunts. Jump, glide, swing and smash your way through 57 hand-crafted levels in four distinct settings. Just be sure to land on your feet!
* Spectacular physics – Granny Smith uses some of the most advanced destruction physics in mobile games. Crash through crates and windows and watch the pieces fly all over!
* Dazzling visuals – Zoom through dozens of vibrant, whimsical worlds! Each level is like a fanciful, three-dimensional storybook.
* Intuitive controls – Help Granny pull off crazy moves with simple two-button controls – perfect for both tablets and phones.
* Vintage replays – Watch your best runs in retro movie style with cool camera angles and slow-motion effects!
* Power Granny up – Collect coins and equip Granny with a helmet, banana peels and baseballs. If Granny is getting old, you have two alternative characters to play with – Scruffy and Stanley!
* Additional breakable objects, grass, flowers and dust particles on NVIDIA Tegra 3 devices.

What a great little game, worth every single penny for all of the enjoyment I have had so far playing it...I can't put it down! Looks stunning on my Nexus 10 too :-)
This is one of the best game on Android. My 6 year old loves it. Recently I upgraded my S3 to Jelly Bean and observing that after closing this game my handset is hanged and I have to restart my device. Is it only with me or an issue with this game.
This game is fun and addictive. The controls are simple enough for my 5 yr old to really grasp and he has a ton of fun with it...highly recommended.
I very rarely download games and even more rarely do I buy them, but after playing the free version of this I had to have more! This game is great for killing 5 minutes or an hour! It's easy enough for a child to enjoy but challenging enough to keep an adult entertained. Great game!
I love the game when I got it the first day I couldn't put my phone down for the first 3 days. It freezes a lot sometimes I think it's just my phone but sometime it can be the game maybe I don't know. But a really fun game.
Felt inclined to pause and come back to rate this one =] Its a twitch based grandma flipping mobile title! Playing better than any of the 2d skate games (which it's most comparable to). Nice jazzy soundtrack with minimal but effective handpainted artwork. Love it. Mobile gaming needs to be aimed in this direction.
I played the free version and loved it! Wanted to purchase the full version and it would not download, Very Disappointing! If I could get the pay version to download it would be a definite 5 star.
I bought the full version for 0.99 which is a fair price. I would recommend people try this game. I haven't finished it yet, so I don't know if they should add more levels. However, that is always a good idea.

Grand Theft Auto III Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

The sprawling crime epic that changed open-world games forever.Welcome to Liberty City. Where it all began.
Rockstar Games celebrates the 10th anniversary of one of the most influential games of all time. The critically acclaimed blockbuster Grand Theft Auto III comes to mobile devices, bringing to life the dark and seedy underworld of Liberty City. With a massive and diverse open world, a wild cast of characters from every walk of life and the freedom to explore at will, Grand Theft Auto III puts the dark, intriguing and ruthless world of crime at your fingertips.
With stellar voice acting, a darkly comic storyline, a stunning soundtrack and revolutionary open-world gameplay, Grand Theft Auto III is the game that defined the open world genre for a generation.

• Visually stunning updated graphics, character and vehicle models
• HD quality resolution
• Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices
• Custom controls for the mobile platform
• Countless hours of gameplay
• Gamepad Support for select USB controllers
• Integrated with Immersion Haptic Vibration Feedback
• Tailor your visual experience with new video display settings.

With a Logitech F710 Wireless Controller connected to my Asus Transformer Prime, this game is awesome. It's like playing console GTA in the good ol' days... Legendary radio stations and great performance...
Great game takes me back! =) works great to. I hope they bring out GTA San Andreas! I'll buy that without thinking about it! Lol If anyone knows if they are or where to find/give information on this feedback would be nice thanx keep the oldies alive =)
What more can i say? Just one issue...accelerometer seems screwed up. Took 2 attempts to install properly...longer than 15 minutes so no possibility of a refund however, i dont think you will need one.
This is an awesome game! On the Acer a200 when you hit the button to shoot a bunch of times, it makes the app crash. Please try to fix, it would be appreciated. Otherwise, what an amazing game!!!
The controls do take a little to adjust to them, but other than that it's the same game we all know and love. I'm playing on an Asus transformer and have had no issues so far. After getting a Samsung infuse I was sad to see it didn't work on both devices. Oh well, at least it works on the transformer...
Make sure your phone is supported before buying. That being said, GTAIII runs on my g2x flawlessly with all graphics options turned to the highest setting. No lagging, but the phone does get very hot. Not unbearable, but still quite warm. The game itself feels like the original console version, albeit with better graphics.

Minecraft - Pocket Edition Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

Minecraft is about placing blocks to build things and going on adventures!
Pocket Edition includes randomly generated worlds, multiplayer over a local Wi-Fi network, and Survival and Creative modes. You can craft and create with your friends anywhere in the world so long as you have hands spare and battery to burn.
Our most recent update added the iconic Creepers. They’re big, green, mean and explody. But it’s just one of many. Since Minecraft — Pocket Edition first appeared, we’re continuing to add loads of new features, including...
- Food! Now you can cook and go hungry
- Swords! Bows! TNT!
- Chests
- Skeletons
- Spiders
- Beds
- Paintings
- Lots more!

I love the new update it's awesome but I wish you would give us buckets and the ability to run but overall awsome game.
Great game I love it the best game ever the bug fixes and everything is awesome the signs work perfect on Samsung galxey s 2 but want fishing rods.
Trees r starting to not show up in a lot of seeds, add more trees please. I am so happy about the update, what will be realy cool is if u guys put jungle bioms in. Love it, easy thunbs up, good work.
The game is awesome why can't you install mobs or have things that the PC has how do you go to the nethers but I can't make absidion I found lava and water mixed but it turns into stone. I love doing multiplayer and I want a saddle soo! Bad. But its a great game:-) :-)
Great games. Just some minor bug fixes please like torches not going where you want them too and when breaking doors in survival mode, it drops two. And also add wolves, railroads and mincarts, chat, more passive mobs, fishing, flatword option, weather, actual Nether portals and being able to switch between creative amd survival. Thanks!!
I love the clouds on new update. :) I would like to see only a few changes though. I wish there was weather and and animals on create mode.I wish I could use a "flat map". I also would like to see melons and wolfdogs. I also wish there was RR tracks for mining. I want mire materials that are on the computer or Xbox. Thx. Hope to see the changes soon. :)
When will there be another update? in the next update can you guys put buckets and caves? Other than that its one of the best apps ive installed!
Guys every minecraft fan shud download the app UTK playstore its the best for minecraft players u cud download any map nd u cud find the most diamonds gold ect. It's awesome get it its won't let u down.

Mini Motor Racing Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

The 1.7.1 update is here featuring a thrilling new championship with stunning new tracks! We've also discounted the price of all in-game cars by 50% to celebrate the new year so now is your chance to extend your car collection. Thanks to everyone for your continued support and we hope you enjoy the new content!Start your engines! The most vibrant, super-charged racing game you’ve ever seen is here!

Mini Motor Racing plays like a favorite remote-controlled car showdown, combined with modern tech to nitro-boost your engines! Play multiplayer against up to four of your friends via WiFi! Race in campaign competitions for big rewards! Upgrade your skills and cars to win more! It’s all here in Mini Motor Racing.

Android Tapp calls Mini Motor Racing “as rewarding as any gaming experience on the platform” and “as brilliant as racing can get on Android.” adds “Mini Motor Racing is an absolute blast … a hugely entertaining auto app that race aces can use for a quick fix or allow themselves to be driven to distraction for hours on end.”


* OFFICIAL FRUIT NINJA LAUNCH BONUSES. Includes special themed tracks and cars for fruit mayhem enthusiasts!

* YOUR CHOICE OF CARS. Race in fully upgradeable cars, each with their own unique handling and style! Whether it be Sports, Hatch, Big-rig, Pick-up, School Bus, Hot Rod…the list goes on!

* WIN RACES, WIN CARS! Win races throughout the game and you’ll find yourself behind the wheel of the sweetest rides around including the official Fruit Ninja buggy!

* MANY RACE TYPES. Race on over 20 tracks, day and night, in varying weather conditions

* MULTIPLAYER. Up to 4 players via WiFi

* ENHANCED FOR FAST DEVICES. More eye-popping visual candy taking advantage of all that extra power!

The game is extremely well done. No question...and u will have fun up to a point. Then, it becomes much more of a battle to control your car than a race against other cars. Buy the cash doubler, for sure, $1 only.
I love the animation and style of the game, don't mind the ai, but played a bunch and didn't see how to unlock the cars and play other models but the original four. Also don't know if in app purchases transfer to another phone...
This a very fun and nice game but need better controllers(sensitivity option) for the steering wheel. Other than is a great game.
Excellent game. Having lots of fun with it. I really love. You get hours and days of fun. But you are a bit of a cheat, I have paid real money to get upgrades quicker and how come computers cars are still faster and stronger?
A fun little time killer of a game. Played on a nexus 10, the game looks and played great. It takes a bit of practice to get the steering down, but once it clicks you are off to the races. There is an in game store so look at everything offered before you buy. Multiplayer is an option but I have yet to try it.

Ski Safari Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

Ski Safari is where Animals, Avalanches and Action come together to create a new casual gameplay experience.
Our deep sleeping hero has to stay ahead of a relentless avalanche that threatens the local mountainsides. Sven, as we like to call him, can use animals to aid his escape from an icey end. Each of the hillside animals have different attributes to make a speedier escape. Penguins glide further, Yetis are tougher, Eagles soar to great heights, each of these can provide useful advantage for Sven. Sometimes on the slopes Sven can find fast Snowmobiles which can ferry multiple animals a maintain a very high top speed.
Staying ahead of the avalanche has its advantages and perks. Completing objectives can 'level up' Sven and increase his score multiplier. Riding animals, performing backflips add to the score and with an increased score multiplier Sven will rocketing up the highscore table with ease.

So much love and attention has gone in to this game. Plus it has a real sense of humour. It's the one game I always come back to. Hats off to the devs - did you really do all this just between the 2 of you!? I wish you every success and look forward to future updates.
This game is worth way way than just the dollar it costs to get it, its an amazing game and a great time killer! Im not a game playing person on my phone but this game is great! Just buy it and you will realize its well worth the dollar it costs! Id do over again in a heartbeat!!
One of the best games I have played on mobile. Very easy to get into and the longeitivty is facilitated by the upgrades and extras. Everyone needs to play it!
I finally got around to putting some time into this game. So far it's been a ton of fun. Sure you can use real money for stuff but I haven't yet and it's still a blast to play. Enjoying it on my Galaxy Nexus & Nexus 7.
Price is more than fair game is beautiful and lots of fun. Whoever was behind this game you guys nailed it. I really missed tiny wings but this is so much better.
I would play this game a million times except schools in the way. I wish school was never real I just want to beat the person who made it with a tank.
HTC DNA. Fantastic game but lags every one or two seconds. Feels as if it hasn't been optimized for this phone. Hopefully in time it will be updated.
Nice game lots of fun. Special the Halloween update love the vamp & coffin mobile. :) i want the Santa village i have 1912 coins, all most there really love the Christmas update.
Some good fun with this one! It's that simple. Not a big game person, but have played others. This one took me back to when I loved games...We're talking Atari 2600 days. Lol. Kuddos to the devs!
This is definitely by far the best game I have played . Hours and hours of gameplay , me and my friends always challenge each other by making new score. New updates look great , well done guys.
Don't ever be afraid to purchase from this developer. He keeps updating his apps unlike u would find other developers coming with version 2s making u pay for them ... Will buy anything from this wonderful developer.

Amazing Alex Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

AN AMAZING NEW PHYSICS PUZZLE GAME FROM THE CREATORS OF ANGRY BIRDS!Meet Amazing Alex! This whiz kid has a boundless imagination and a houseful of fun toys that can turn anything into an adventure!
From cleaning up his room to battling cardboard robots in his backyard, Alex creates amazing chain reactions to get the job done with the maximum amount of fun! Now he has some challenges for you -- and he wants to see the most creative solutions YOU can create!
With 100 challenging levels across four fun-filled locations, there’s a whole world of creations to explore!

 I like the game! Bought it yesterday! It's kinda like Incredible Machine series, which I liked a lot! That's why I like this game too. Nice contraptions/levels. Cheers!
The game starts out really easy but it gets challenging after a while. I have noticed no bugs or glitches at all. Plays very smooth on my Galaxy Nexus. Good job Rovio!
Soon becomes a hassle. Later on there are too many puzzles that rely on making you align items on a pixel basis. Plus the borders on left and right (which are not shown on the preview images) but are need to confine the construction are are downright ugly.
 Fun game, but with new update, it seems like under the new level package the level "punch the sabred" is not working correctly. I know what to do but there is not enough space to actually complete it the designed way. Am I the only one? If it is not working and I am right, please fix this. Too good of a company to make these mistakes.
I was expectating more difficult levels,with less children's game.If you are under 10+ go ahead to buy. But it's good at least.
When I'm on world two level 5 it starts loading and then never loads and when I go off of it then go back on it just stays black. Is this just on my phone or does it happen to other people? Can you try and fix it.
Rovio has fundamentally failed its users. Six months after Android Jelly Bean first appeared, there is still no way to backup your progress in Amazing Alex, meaning that if you need to wipe your device or replace it with a new one, you will lose absolutely everything. I had finished every single level I'd played with three stars; I will not start from scratch. I'm doubly furious because I spent real money for this total lack of support. Rovio and your advertisers, you have lost me, PERMANENTLY.
Impressive physics, a very interesting collection of challenges. I had to control myself in order to avoid spending hours a day completing all puzzles, which I eventually did :-). The recent update with 8 selected user-created levels was a good improvement. However, would be better to allow users to rate and comment on all submitted levels, and provide a way to sort them by scores such as difficulty, time to complete, number if tools needed, enjoyment, and so on.
Very cool game, reminiscent of TIM, but carves out it's own space. Has some UI errors, such as the lower right toolbox icon which makes it impossible to put pieces in that area. Also, bad idea to whip pieces into the toolbox if they're badly placed on the "floor", very annoying.
No advertisements. Runs flawlessly on my 10.1" Samsung Galaxy Note; the stylus makes precision much easier. Character (Alex) not very likeable compared to other Rovio titles, quite forgettable. Great "The Incredible Machine" clone. Thank you for bringing this to Android. Please allow separate channels for Music/Sound so I can keep Sound on but turn Music off. Thanks again for no ads. Would be nice if it filled up a widescreen.

Ant Raid Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

With the original game averaging a 90% review score on Metacritic, there simply isn’t a better arcade-strategy game on mobile!Ant Raid fills your device with fun cartoony action! Jump into the hilarious story of an ant colony trying to survive swarms of fellow insects, mutated into mindless monsters!
You’ll know when you’ve been bitten by the Ant Raid bug!

★★★★★ Features ★★★★★
Feast your eyes on high-definition 3D graphics and animations.
Experience an epic tale through animated cut-scenes featuring quirky characters and unexpected twists.
Enjoy responsive and intuitive touch controls. Taste the fresh blend of action, arcade and strategy.
Challenge your friends and the rest of the world in four dynamic Survival modes.
Indulge your ears with an original soundtrack and crazy sound effects.

I bought this game earlier in the week and I have fallen in love and so have the children I work with; however, I am very disappointed that Chapter 4 is still not here. It is now March and the chapter was due in January!! Please give us more levels!! I absolutely love this game. Please!! Will be 5 stars when this is fixed!
Entered the game believing all was downloaded, then was prompted that to see intro must continue download which has not loaded with errors two times. Kinda regretting buying this now, will try one more time. Oh and on story page, home screen, background is glitchy and shakes back and forth. Ps, well after four tries to download additional content, finally worked. Overall,ok game graphics, cute intro, but pretty repetitive in objectives. Gets old very quickly. I wouldn't recommend this game just yet.
I got this game hoping for some fun and... The idea at first came off as a castle defense but a round or two in I realized it essential and I tried to get into it. The controls are so clunky and difficult to control. Gameplay was just terrible. IM sorry to the developers who put time in to this game. Maybe try some different controls or possible change up how you play all together.

Angry Birds Space Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

After a giant claw kidnaps their eggs, the Angry Birds chase it into a wormhole and find themselves floating in a strange new galaxy – surrounded by space pigs! Luckily the Angry Birds have super powers of their own...
Angry Birds Space features 150 interstellar levels on planets and in zero gravity, resulting in spectacular gameplay ranging from slow-motion puzzles to lightspeed destruction. With regular free updates, brand new birds, brand new superpowers, and a whole galaxy to explore, the sky is no longer the limit!
• Over 150 interstellar levels!
• Regular free updates!
• Brand new birds!
• Brand new superpowers!
• Zero-gravity space adventures!
• Trick shots using planets’ gravity!
• Hidden bonus levels!
• Beautifully detailed backgrounds!

Like others the paid version won't update. (free version in ok) Not impressed at adds for other games and toys in game too. Paid to get rid of that.
My 3 1/2 year old son absolutely LOVES this game! He loves all the Angry Birds games but this is his favorite. I would recommend it for kids (or adults) 3 years and up. Its addicting!
wtf? ok so i buy the game because i was overwhelmed with the ads. then i find out that in order to finish the game you have to buy the bonus level. wtf kinda crap is that? f@*# you rovio.
I am having the same thing as Brian Ferris is, an error saying can't install on phone or memory card. I also have more than enough room on my HTC 4G EVO Design.
Game now requires access to my phone identity and my incoming numbers. I paid for this game so don't ask for excessive permissions. UPDATE: now it's asking for location too!!! Goodbye Rovio and all your "products"...
The Daily Reward consistently makes my phone freeze. Even restarting does not help. Wish I could turn that feature off.
We pay for this version and you keep asking more and more permissions? Is the money not enough? Greedy is a word.Could of installed the free version for that. Not happy!
Always an excellent game but way too many ads and NOT ENOUGH updates in each of the Themes. Still waiting for Angry piggies "coming soon" update for original AB game!! Will give 5 stars when faster updates come. I need some game to play, shop if you want too be no. 1, you need to have frequent up dates or more levels. :-)

94 Seconds Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

Want to play ? then download 94 Seconds right now! More than 25 different categories and many more to come : Clothing, Countries, Colors, Fruits, Sports, Burger ingredients...


* 1 category and 1 letter, you have 94 seconds and no more to get as many correct answers as possible

* 4 different jokers can help you to find the answer or reach the highest score

* Spelling mistakes and typos are permitted, within reason...

* Rare or hard response : 1 point if answer is easy, 2 if it is rare or difficult. Example: A fruit beginning with P? Peach 1 point, 2 points for Persimmon !

* Series: responses in a row enable bonus points

* Skip : can't find it? Skip, but 3 seconds are removed

* Unlock achievements with different records in the app or on Game Center

This game doesn't make any sense. It asked for a "US State," I listed "Missouri," it said I was incorrect. It asked for a large US city with a population over 100,000, I listed Los Angeles. Again, I was incorrect. It asked for a fruit, I listed tomato. Incorrect again. It asked for a vegetable, I listed kale. Wrong yet again.
Just because my first letter wasn't capitalized or i added a space it counted all of my words as incorrect. Still needs to bug fixing. 
This game made me so mad. I'd pick a right answer that it's a legitimate answer.. & I don't get the points for it because its not the answer they wanted. I deleted the game.

miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2013

Temple Run: Brave Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

From Imangi, the makers of Temple Run, and Disney comes a new take on the most exhilarating app. Join Merida from Disney/Pixar Brave as you run, slide, jump, turn and shoot your way across the wilds of Scotland on an endless running adventure!
New features just for Temple Run: Brave --
• Introducing ARCHERY – tap targets to shoot a bullseye and earn extra coins
• New, amazing visuals. It looks better than ever!
• All new environments inspired by Disney/Pixar Brave and the wilds of Scotland
• Play as Merida from Disney/Pixar Brave
• Outrun Mordu, the demon bear, to earn running glory.

It's temple run and more. It takes temple run to another level. Update: after playing on the gs3 I love this game even more and its even smoother and has greater graphics.
I love temple run 1 & 2 I then decided to get temple run brave. I love the archery feature and the power ups. Its well worth the 65p.
this is a fun and addicting game, I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn't for the coins, I have saved the coins for sometime. The coins keep diminishing with each run. I had close to 5000 coins saved for a new character, and the coins diminished you 385 coins. Moreover it is fun and exciting to play and would still recommend it. Please fix the coins.
Great game. Would of 5 star, except for fact since update coins keep disappearing. So impossible to save for anything.
Better than the original Temple Run in every way possible. Very polished and runs very smooth on the Nexus 7. Worth every cent people, buy it, love it, rate it well, do your part.
Was a really great app and was much better than the original! I also think the new second chance is a good addition but the game keeps restarting at about 6000 coins sometimes less and this is really frustrating.. please fix!! also add temple run 2 to Android..
 Ok I love the game but I just got an update with a new feature called second shot. Cool but now my screen icon vanished from my phone and I have to ho into Google play in order to open the game there is no shortcut anywhere and my coins are gone. Wth man. Plz fix this.
The game is very nice, but the latest version I believe changed 'second shot' to bleed out your coins. It takes away your hard earned efforts for coins, and encourages you to buy coins. It's a little irritating that you have to take the shot if you get the power up (which is difficult to avoid conpletely)
It constantly glitches.. even when I don't hit something it'll say I did. It'll randomly just say I fell in water or something. This is bullshit. Fix it. Or I want my money back. Simple as that. fix and ill change my rating. I use android Max bravo UMX.

Need for Speed Most Wanted Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

Buckle up, hit the gas and hold on tight; you’re in for the ride of your life. Outrun cops, outsmart rivals – and outdrive your friends – in the most dangerous Need for Speed yet. Do you dare to be the Most Wanted?
**Need for Speed Most Wanted is an immersive, high-quality game. Please note that it requires a 550MB+ download and roughly 1,900MB+ free space on your device. To speed things up, we recommend connecting to WiFi.**
Evade a relentless police force while you clash with street racers. Race and chase hot cars like the SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha, and many more. Feel the intensity of no-brakes-allowed street racing with realistic full-car damage for the first time on mobile.
Log into Origin to check the Wanted List and find out who is the Most Wanted across platforms and among your friends. Then, challenge your friends and prove your racing skills in nonstop competition.
• Drive and customize over 40 of the world’s most exciting cars
• Race the way you want! By popular demand, you can now touch or tilt to steer
• Use Mods to enhance your car and get ahead of the pack in style
• Experience the action with mind-blowing graphics and intense full-car damage
• Earn Speed Points to unlock new cars
• Trick out your phone with an exclusive Most Wanted live wallpaper.

This is by far the best looking smartphone game I have ever played. The only drawback is the lack of native support of gamepads (from PS3 and X360 on USB and wirelessly via Sixaxis Controller app).
Graphics are beautifully but I do more prefer a simulation racing game. However, this is one of the best game in NFS series for Android.
I really liked this game, it runs very good and smooth but then on my brother's kindle fire HD it runs way faster and the gradients of the blacks look a lot better how come? Also loading times are faster by 5 or more seconds.
Brilliant game on the nexus 7. Why 1,2,3 stars when its amazing?!!!! But.... Where's free drive? Because I have this game for the Xbox 360 and it has free drive but this one doesn't please put free drive in the next update!!!!!!! Thanx :)
The graphics are amazing. Best i've seen so far! The only problem is the controls. Maby if EA could implement a new type of controls (similar with the one seen on asphalt7 - tap left for left and right for right) I would give 5 stars.
This game is awesome, the only reason it doesn't get a 5th star is because the sound is really crackly...not in the way you can't understand or hear anything, just it gets annoying and even through headphones too.

Where's My Perry? Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

Where’s My Perry is a challenging physics-based puzzler where you need to use water in all its different forms - ice, steam and liquid - to solve the puzzle. Overflowing with intuitive controls, vibrant spy-themed graphics, and best of all, lasers, you will be immersed in the world of Agent P!


Perry from Phineas and Ferb is no ordinary platypus, he’s actually a semi-aquatic sleuth known as Agent P! And, you know, he SAVES THE WORLD! When summoned to headquarters by Major Monogram our fedora-rockin spy becomes stuck in his transportation tubes. Help Agent P get to headquarters for mission briefing by guiding water or steam to the generators powering the tubes.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz is set on taking over the tri-state area. He is tired of being defeated by Perry, and wants an agency of his own. His plans always end in failure, but this time he has a seemingly infallible plan; to create an evil army. Use his new minion-inatior to transform everyday, household objects into his own evil agents. Try 5 evil agent levels for free and join the evil corporation officially with 60 levels for an additional in-app purchase.

Water comes in many forms and you’re going to experience them all. Cut dirt to guide water and steam across ice, dirt and rock in a variety of levels. The fluid physics are lifelike, but way more FUN!

The evil villain Dr. Doofenshmirtz has scattered all kinds of lasers across the sewers – you’ll need to use them all to help change water to its different forms.
• The “Heat-inator” instantly turns a body of water into steam, or ice into water!
• The “Cool-inator” instantly turns a body of water into ice, and steam into water!
• The “Celebrate-inator”, vacuums up water or steam to…wait, that’s classified!

Collect all 3 gnomes in each level to become a master spy and find top-secret collectibles to unlock bonus levels featuring Balloony – Dr. Doof’s childhood friend!

 Junior watches the Phineas any Phurb show all the time, so I recognized Perry the Platypus right away...and the traditional, "Where's my Water" keeps crashing my I thought I'd give it a shot. Glad I did, its very light, fun, and the characters are just as cute and funny as on the show.
Having problems since I got this phone, lagging in the game, and the sand will cut about a second after I make the move..anybody else with this problem?
I love this game but when I updated this it erased all the levels ive done instead of just giving me the new levels.....whats up with that??!!
This is a great game! Well I should say was!! Since the update now the game doezs not work!!!! Touch the app and goes to a black screen for like 15 sec. then back to the home page. It sux!!!
I installed the game and once I passed misson one I had 29 gnomes and misson 2 costs 11 gnomes and it would not let me unlock misson 2 until you fix that I am uninstalling I refuse to pay to unlock a level I should have been abke to play in the first place.

Cut the Rope Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

Cut the rope to feed candy to little monster Om Nom®! 250 million downloads around the world of this phenomenal puzzle game. 350 levels and more to come!
A mysterious package has arrived, and the little monster inside has only one request… CANDY! Collect gold stars, discover hidden prizes and unlock exciting new levels in this addictively fun, award-winning, physics-based game!
Key features:
• 14 boxes with 350 levels
• Innovative physics gameplay
• Adorable character
• Outstanding graphics
• Om Nom animation shorts
• Superpowers
• Constant free updates with new levels and animations.

Is very good game but maybe not for my age? Found no challenging for several latest update. The puzzle are not complicated, most of them by view you know how to get 3 stars.
I'm sorry but I PURCHASED this game, you know, with money?! So why do I now get a big annoying advert at startup about your new game? Make it stop, 3 stars until then!
This is probably my favourite game app but since the latest update when I open it, the screen goes black then it closes... Really don't want to uninstall then reinstall as ill have to start again and I've got 3 stars in every level of every box before the update!! Very annoying.
After paying for this game, and going through I fair bit, I get asked more and more to pay for "Special Powers". At a certain point, it appears to be impossible to even complete a screen without. I finally relent, and pay for the "Special Powers". However, it turns out that they just keep my money, don't give me any "Special Powers", and then repeatedly ask me again to pay for new "Special Powers". Most reviews that are positive are from people who haven't gone far enough. Do not get into this game, because at a certain point you'll have to throw it into the garbage, and say goodbye to your money.
I don't care if Zepto Lab released a new game. I'm sick of the ads showing up. Fit it and back to 5 stars. I have been playing this forever. It is so much better than Angry Birds and more challenging. I am happy to have bought this game I hope for much much more in the future.

Toy Story: Smash It! Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

The Toys are back! Join Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the Disney Pixar “Toy Story” gang on their latest adventure!
“Toy Story: Smash it!” is an all-new, 3D physics-based puzzle game featuring your favorite “Toy Story” characters! Embark on new adventures with the Toys through hilarious encounters in outer space, alien chases in the Wild West, and more! With 60 levels of nonstop puzzle play, this game will provide hours of explosive and thrilling fun!
★ Block-breaking puzzle play
Throw unique bouncing-balls with special power-ups to knock down aliens and break through their defenses!
★ Play as Buzz Lightyear
Team up with Buzz, and work on perfecting the angles and aim needed to beat every level. Encounter your favorite “Toy Story” characters along the way!
★ 4 imaginative episodes
Take a fun-filled journey “To Infinity… and Beyond!” Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime as you stop the evil Zurg, catch alien bandits, and more!
★ 60 challenging levels
Encounter new challenges in every level. Find creative ways to smash through bricks, glass, trains, and more to get the highest score possible!
★ Hours of replay value
Replay each episode to get 3-stars on every level and earn impressive achievements!

On my Bionic I get some pixeled graphics but only in background, mostly the floor. Expect an update soon. Runs smooth, sound work fine and fun and easy to play. My girls should enjoy it.
Thought this would just be a kids game but tried it out due to low price and recommendations. Glad I picked this high production value extremely satisfying game up.
I purchased this soon after seeing it was out based on my very happy experience with the previous Disney games and it exceeded my expectations. This game is similar to some of the Boom Blox game styles and is probably the best game I have played on Android. The graphics are fantastic, loading times are minimal, the physics are exactly as I expect them to be, and the levels are very well thought out. This is worth every penny.
The game concept is cool and the graphics are stunning. Well worth the 99 cents. Its fun to play. I would recommend this game to any angry birds fan and someone looking for a fun new game. Disney apps are so much fun.
So what if Angry Birds was 3D? Well, this is that, only now you're Buzz Lighyear. You pan back and forth and need to knock down the structures that the aliens are on while collecting little golden boxes. You're scored out of three stars and then move on to the next level. Along the way you get a couple special weapons like explode-o boxes etc to help you solve the levels optimally. It's a solid game overall, but I felt the level design and special weapons lacked the creativity we're used to seeing from Disney. Still a fun game, and I'm excited for future updates, but I hope I'm a little more wow'd in the future. Great game for kids, and for more info see my YouTube channel at PixelFreakGames.
This game is worthy of the name / brand of toy story it would be verry easy for disney to make a crap game and stick a licence on it to cash in on the world wide love of toy story but they clearly have more respect for it than that I love this game its fun and playable on so many levels disney should be proud of themselves !!!!!!

Plants vs. Zombies Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

Stem a zombie attack on your Android!
Get ready to soil your plants in the hit PopCap® strategy game Plants vs. Zombies! A mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home, and your only defense is an arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants. Use peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more to slow down, confuse, weaken and mulchify 26 types of zombies before they can reach your front door.
One of the top tower defense action games ever, Plants vs. Zombies features zombies with their own special skills, so you'll need to think fast and plant faster to have a successful strategy and combat them all. But be careful how you use your limited supply of greens and seeds in this tower defense action game... as you dash to battle the fun-dead, obstacles like a setting sun, creeping fog and a swimming pool add to the challenge.
Plants vs Zombies is a favorite for all ages, from those who grew up with classic arcade action games to kids. The zombie fun never dies!

Game Features
• Conquer zombies in all 50 levels of Adventure mode — through day, night and fog, in a swimming pool and on the rooftop
• Battle 26 types of zombies including pole-vaulters, snorkelers and bucket-heads
• Earn 49 powerful perennial plants and collect coins to buy a pet snail, power-ups and more
• Open the Almanac to see all the plants and zombies, plus amusing "facts" and quotes
• Collect 10 fun-dead achievements in your zombie tower defense adventure
• Enjoy all the zombie-zapping fun of the hit PC/Mac game — fully optimized for Android!
• Hilarious graphics, great soundtrack and a bonus music video
• Made by PopCap, the creators of Bejeweled, the #1 puzzle game in the world

Finally, after 5 months, this awesome game is now compatible with htc one x. I'm super happy! One of my fav's! P.S. Pretty please add Zen Garden! <3
Great to have this back and works perfectly on my note. The lack of the Zen garden and mini games is a real let down. I hope EA are planning to add this I'm the future because this adds good replay value and this is only half a game without it.
E. A. You could do better. Please update the andriod version to AT LEAST like the iOS option. iOS is fading away so please support andriod better before E.A. fades away.
I buy your game and doesnt work! Then when i make it work its just a white screen! Can onlu see zombies plants and nothin elsee! Whats up with that? I've unistalled it dpwnload tje extra 160 mb but only downloads 52mb and shows me a white screen... Please fix this!
I downloaded it and it works fine gameplay wise but the house lot doesn't load. all entitys load fine and I can play it like normal but the background image for the house is just white :'( hopefully it will get fixed in an update.
Its a good game i have it on every thing xbox ds laptop etc was excited to have it on my phone too but the back ground doesn't load ? I see lawn mowers plants zombies and graves but.nothing else :-( very disappointed beings as i paid for the game :-( would have expected this on a free game but not something I've paid money for....
As many other users reported, the game crashes on the N7 right at the hourglass. Works on my SGS2 tough. Otherwise I cant tell why theres no zen garden and so few mini games compared to the PC or iOS versions. Feels like being a 2nd class user. Very poor from the devs! I regret having bought the game.
Please update to include features already in the iphone version, at least update the app description to state these features are not included. Game is also far too easy, please add some high difficulty modes or allow the player to customise a game.
Why is this available to download if it doesn't work on this phone? It also took too long to download extra data to get a refund. Same thing happened with Fifa 12 are EA thieves? Anyone else had this problem? Or got a fix?

Asphalt 7: Heat Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

Hit the speed of heat in the newest, fastest, most visually stunning edition of the famed Asphalt series.
Drive 60 different cars from the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin, including the legendary DeLorean.
Gear up to race on 15 tracks set in real cities around the world, including brand new tracks in Hawaii, Paris, London, Miami and Rio.
The completely revamped multiplayer lets you take on up to 5 of your friends locally or online. Keep track of who’s the best with the new Asphalt Tracker that lets you compare stats, show off achievements and challenge rivals. You can also find new online opponents with the matchmaking system. Practice hard, because there are special events that will pit you against the best in the world!

Play however you please with 6 different game modes packed with 15 leagues and 150 different races.
Every car and track is more beautiful than ever thanks to graphics that push the limits of your device.
Acclaimed by both media and players, the Asphalt franchise has already attracted several million players worldwide... Come and join the ride!

Very nyc graphics n one drawback stil need credit for purchasing new powerful exotic cars.
The updates really killed this game. I have installed and un-installed for like 5 times now and it keeps freezing and at times not even loading. PLEASE FIX THIS UPDATE PROBLEMS!!!!
This game did lag a lot on my HTC one x even though it shouldn't as it has a quad core processor and this is what put me off this game but after today's update it runs perfectly. Well done gameloft.
What happened to the ssc tuatara cup, I updated and it said that the cup was still available for 5 more days, I play the first race, then put my phone down to have dinner, when I come back to the game, the cup is gone. What can I do? And what's with the races and lottery giving me cars that I already own? I hope it's not replacing my fully equipped cars with stock ones.
After the recent update I am n.ot able to launch the game kindly fix the issue I was able to play and launch the game on my samsung galaxy grand and now I even tried to uninstall and re install but In vain kindly fix it asap it goes to boot screen and then loading thts abt it kindly fix the issue. 

Where's My Water Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

Where’s My Water? is a challenging physics-based puzzler complete with vibrant graphics, intuitive controls, and a sensational soundtrack. To be successful, you need to be clever and keep an eye out for algae, toxic ooze, triggers, and traps.
Swampy the Alligator lives in the sewers under the city. He is a little different from the other alligators — he’s curious, friendly, and loves taking a nice long shower after a hard day at work. The other alligators have damaged his plumbing and disrupted the water flow. Help Swampy by guiding water to his shower! In Swampy’s Story, play ten themed chapters over 200 levels. Collect Swampy’s ducks and shower items to unlock new puzzles and bonus levels.
Cranky is the toughest alligator around and he has worked up an appetite from sabotaging Swampy’s water supply. He eats anything, especially all the rotting and disgusting junk found in the dumps and sewers. Cranky will not eat vegetables however, and now his food is covered with vegetable-like algae. Use the dirty purple water to clean off Cranky’s plate so he can eat! Cranky is tough and so are his puzzles! Try five levels for free and test your skills with more than 80 levels for an additional in-app purchase.
This collection of levels from Swampy’s other adventures is always growing, and always FREE!
These levels may look familiar, but in the Mystery Duck Story you have to collect all new types of ducks including:
• MegaDuck – The biggest duck of all, he needs more water than ever to collect!
• Ducklings – Sure they look cute, but they are everywhere!
• Mystery Duck – He moves! Timing is everything to catch this fancy teleporting duck!
New story, new comics, new look and new ducks – a new way to play for a small additional price! Try five levels for FREE!
More levels - EVERY WEEK! Now you can expect 3 BRAND NEW LEVELS to be delivered into Where's My Water each week. That's right - 1 new Swampy, Mystery Duck and Cranky level per week for FREE! But make sure you play every week because once these levels expire, they may be gone for good!
Go with the flow! Swipe, slosh, and splash to guide fresh water, dirty water, and ooze through increasingly challenging scenarios.
Collect Swampy’s shower items and complete Cranky’s Challenge to unlock bonus levels. “Tri-Duck” each chapter and tap around for secret levels and even more surprises! Visit for more hints, tips and secrets.
This is a great time killer, engaging puzzles that aren't frustrating, make you think but not boil your brain.
Ok, I had purchased this game and unlocked all the content for my gf who LOVES it. I started playing it as a competition to see if her score could be beaten. Fun game, a lot of twist and good replay value!
Love this game, the puzzles are really fun without being too challenging. The level design is wonderfully creative keeping the game feeling fresh. The latest update is working fine over here!
Cleared it once, loved every bit. Stated playing it again but since my phones update to jelly bean, it refuses to open. A fix would be lovely :)
I actually got the Where's My Perry game first, but it was a very quick play, so we got Where's My Water. Both are great puzzle games for both me and my kids. I love it!

Perfect Piano Tips, Trick, Cheat & Hack

Use this app to learn accurately notes of the piano with realistic piano sound.
1. Support Full Keyboads of Piano.
2. Single Row Mode.
3. Dual Row Mode.
4. Multi-Touch.
5. Touch pressure detecting.
6. Record and Playback. Audio only or full piano action.
7. Key width adjustment.
8. Learn to play mode.(Preload 70 Sample songs)
9. Sharing recordings to friends.
10. Learn to play sample songs downloadable. More songs are uploading.
11. 5 Keyboards instruments: Piano, Musicbox, Organ, Rhodes, Synth.
12. New adding Drum Pads with auto play feature: Play you own rhythm now.
13. 5 Drum Instruments: Jazz, Rock, HipHop, Percussion, Dance.
1. Many user complain that sound failed loading sometimes. Please use 'switch instruments' function to reload sounds.
2. Piano full action recording file ".recording" can only be played by this App.
3. Please send your question or feedback on using this app to us. Our email: or
What are you waiting for? Let the music come out under your finger!
A simple melody:
G5 A5 B5 D6 D6 E6 D6 B5 G5, G5 A5 B5 B5 A5 G5 A5.
G5 A5 B5 D6 D6 E6 D6 B5 G5, G5 A5 B5 B5 A5 A5 G5.
This is one of the best Piano Apps on the Play Store! I love it! It would be great if you've added more instruments into it. And, also, can you add some models for the Rock, Jazz and Percussion drum sets? The Dance and Hip Hop are just the way the have tobe, so yeah! =)
I'd like it better if there were a highlighted bar where the notes should be played when following a song to keep better time with the song.
love it!!i love the learning mode...i also like the fact that we have a record option in the play mode....and different instruments too :)
I love how this app has the weather in your area, horascope, hangman, word matching, and of course an awesome dictionary.